Rémy Rousseau,

Founder and Publisher
of the twin magazines Automotive Innovation
and Innovations Automobiles

Rémy Rousseau has been involved in the automotive industry for many years. After a successful career with Shell Canada,

Remy operated a mechanical garage and a collision shop. He then spent many years in the publishing business.

Cynthia Brunelle
Project Coordinator

Cynthia Brunelle is a graduate of Georgian College in Automotive Business and has been involved in the car dealership industry before joining our company four years ago.

Luc Gagné

Luc Gagné is an experience journalist in the automotive industry and knows the new mobility.

Raynald Bouchard

Raynald Bouchard is an experienced journalist who loves the automotive industry.

Faith Malumbres
Director of Social
Media Marketing

Faith Malumbres is a young professional involved in social network marketing.


Jean Boutzis
Director of Sales and Assistant Publisher

Jean Boutzis comes with a background of experience in the automotive industry followed by her contributions to her various roles. This would include, public relations, editorial, sales, and business development. (Publishing B2B -B2C Magazines)

Éric Descarries

Éric Descarries is amongst the most knowledgeable automotive journalist with a deep understanding of the new mobility.

John Morris

John Morris has been involved in the PR business for years as well as being an automotive journalist.

Stephanie Lagoudakis
Sales Assistant

Stéphanie Lagoudakis has spent many years in public relations as well as in the IT world.

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