By Éric Descarries

If you thought the Chrysler brand was all but extinct, take a closer look at its Halcyon prototype. Chrysler, that division of the giant Stellantis, has lifted the veil on this unique vehicle that gives us clues to the characteristics of Chryslers to come.

Of course, this is an electric car, but with futuristic specifications such as an 800-volt lithium-sulfur battery with a recharging capacity of 60 kilometres per minute. However, by using roads equipped with Dynamic Wireless Power Transfer, the Halcyon will have the possibility of unlimited autonomy. This advanced technology, currently under study in Michigan, will be able to add energy to the vehicle directly from the road itself.

Of course, any driver aboard the Halcyon will experience peace of mind thanks to powerful artificial intelligence assistants, both for cabin comfort and navigation. It’s an experience to keep an eye on.

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