(Article published in L’Automobile Mechanic magazine, December 2023)

By Isabelle Havasy

Bently Maitland’s journey in the automotive industry started 38 years ago when his father-in-law, a Chevrolet dealer, offered him a position as controller. The twist of fate that drove Maitland into this world extended from a five-year stint into a remarkable four-decade career.

Maitland’s path led him to Mitsubishi, where the allure wasn’t the brand but the possibility to manage his own dealership. His association with the Japanese automaker began when it decided to re-enter the Canadian market in the early 2000s, creating new opportunities. “We were in the initial flight of dealerships that opened up in September 2002.”

However, the journey had its share of challenges. Maitland reminisces, “Mitsubishi wanted a facility built first, and then a number of the dealers claimed that they didn’t want to wait until the spring when all these buildings were finished. Mitsubishi allowed us to launch in temporary sites, so we started doing business in a trailer for our first nine months.”

The Uniqueness of Platinum Mitsubishi

Platinum Mitsubishi’s distinction lies in its unwavering focus on customer experience. The dealership boasts a diverse and multilingual staff, and it actively recruits individuals from various backgrounds, including newcomers to the trade. Another striking facet of Maitland’s dealership is his involvement alongside his two sons, Kenton and Christopher, who have assumed key roles within the organization. “One is the general sales manager, and the other is the fixed operations manager,” he proudly mentions.

The Maitland family’s commitment to the automotive industry transcends generations, creating a unique legacy. Maitland highlights the importance of this approach, stating, “We believe that it adds a level of comfort with some of the customers. They’re not talking with just an employee of the dealership; there’s actually somebody who is an owner and has a vested interest in the success and making sure that they’re treated well.”

A Product Adapted to the Market

As for Mitsubishi’s future electric vehicle plans, Maitland notes that the manufacturer has been reserved in sharing product timelines and details. Still, he believes that the automaker’s plug-in hybrid Outlander offering, which caters to long-distance driving and uncertain charging infrastructure, has found a strong foothold in the market. “This product makes a lot of sense in our market as opposed to pure electric because the charging infrastructure in the Prairies is not as mature as it is in Québec.”

In conclusion, Bentley Maitland’s extensive experience in the sector, family-oriented approach, and adaptability to evolving technologies make Platinum Mitsubishi a standout player in a dynamic and competitive market. As the automotive landscape transforms, Maitland remains optimistic and dedicated to serving his customers and staying ahead of industry changes.

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