By Éric Descarries

Now it’s the turn of American giant Goodyear to launch its latest version of a tire specifically designed for electric vehicles (EVs). It’s called ElectricDrive 2. It features two of the most sought-after characteristics for drivers of such vehicles: quiet running and wet grip. To achieve this, Goodyear has incorporated a kind of “sound barrier” into the design, while a special tread pattern should provide the much sought-after handling on both wet and dry pavement.

What’s more, the ElectricDrive 2 is made from 50% recyclable materials, including soybean oil, rice stalk ashes silica and natural rubber. It will also feature an asymmetrical tread pattern and more durable rubber, while the sidewalls display aerodynamic characteristics, contributing to lower rolling resistance. The ElectricDrive 2 will be offered in 17 sizes when it goes on sale in May 2024.

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