By Éric Descarries

If you follow the news in the automotive industry, you’ve probably heard that some major automakers are slowing down production of their electric vehicles because sales aren’t picking up. However, according to a report by the trade publication Automotive News, based on analyses by Experian, EV sales have increased in the United States. They accounted for 7.4% of sales from January to September 2023, with 852,904 units registered (compared with 5.2% or 530,418 vehicles registered last year), which leads Experian to say that, if the trend remains unchanged, EV sales should exceed one million units for the first time in their history this year. However, still according to Experian’s[1] figures, it will be mainly

Tesla will take the lion’s share, although competition is beginning to make itself felt. Note that the following is based on Experian data, as Tesla is not always completely transparent about its statistics.

Registrations (Jan to Sep)      Segment share

  1. Tesla            489,454                      57.4%
  2. Chevrolet     50,160                        5.9%
  3. Ford      46 547                        5.5%
  4. Hyundai      40,612                        4.8%
  5. BMW      31 209                        3.7%
  6. Rivian      30 240                        3.5%
  7. Mercedes-Benz      27 484                        3.2%
  8. Volkswagen      27 001                        3.2%
  9. Kia      23 304                        2.7%
  10. Audi      17 229                        2.0%

However, the year is not yet over, and we can expect other brands to play a role in this tally. Eventually, we should have the Canadian figures, which we’ll pass on to you.

[1] ExperianCreated with Datawrapper

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