By Éric Descarries

If you see this little new logo on the sidewall of a Pirelli tire, you’re looking at a product that contains at least 50% bio-based or recycled materials. The logo, which resembles two arrows pointing in the same circular direction, illustrates Pirelli’s commitment to environmental causes. At the same time, it indicates to customers that they could then opt for a tire with a sustainable composition.

The first product to benefit from this will be the P Zero E, which contains 55% of bio-based or recycled materials. It’s already in production, although Pirelli wasn’t expecting it up and running before 2025. The next step for the Italian manufacturer will be to reach a minimum of 60% bio-based materials and 12% recycled materials, with less than 30% petroleum-based materials.

New materials include lignin from pulp and paper waste, silica from rice husk ash, circular carbon black, biocircular polymers from cooking or pyrolysis oils, natural rubber, bioresins and rayon made from cellulose-derived fibres.

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