By Éric Descarries

In the case of the Polestar 2, which I drove for a few hours, it came as no surprise to me, since I’d already had it on test earlier. The road handling of this all-electric car is remarkable, yet few consumers seem to realize that it’s a car from the Volvo family, but built in China!

Incidentally, if all the cars produced in China start showing a similar build quality to that of the Polestar . . . don’t be surprised if consumers become fans of cars “made in China”! The time I spent behind the wheel of the Polestar during the EcoRun trip enabled me to note its electricity “consumption” of 18.1 kWh/100 km, according to the on-board computer. The car, whose lines are both modest and modern, is normally priced at around $59,000. It was fitted with appropriate Michelin tires.

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