By Anne Bourgoin

The phenomenal transformation of the automotive industry is inspiring original equipment manufacturers (OEM). Indeed, leading automotive suppliers are focusing on software and driving aids. In any case, this is the trend that emerged at IAA Mobility, the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Valeo and Bosch announced a collaboration with Mobileye for the former, and a reorganization of its mobility division for the latter. Valeo and Mobileye will design four-dimensional software-assisted high-definition radars, essential tools for automated driving detection systems. The French company also announced the creation of anSWer, a new addition to their software solutions and services.

At Bosch, the aim is to create a centralized IT and electronic architecture, in particular to create vehicles that can be remotely updated with new functionalities. Not to mention the development of electromobility and driving aids using video, image processing and ultrasonic sensors.

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