By Anne Bourgoin


You guessed it, this unusual idea comes from Sweden. The Luvly O is delivered in recyclable flat cardboard boxes, just like the little electric car. All you have to do is have it assembled at a factory near you. Weighing less than 400 kg, it includes two 15 kg batteries. The batteries are removable and can be easily plugged into a household outlet if the nearest charging station is not available. It only takes one hour to fully recharge the batteries. Don’t forget that in Europe, 220–230 V is the norm.

The Luvly O’s trunk can accommodate groceries or small deliveries. It should reach a maximum speed of 90 km/h and its price will not exceed 10,000 euros. But the most surprising detail lies in the assembly process. Luvly plans to set up local mini-factories under licence to assemble its models (a pickup truck or a small sports car is already being considered). Although the company plans to set up its mini-factories in different countries, no launch date has been announced yet.

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