(Article published in Automotive Innovations magazine, March 2023)


By Isabelle Havasy

Heba Amin has been with GM for a decade and is now the national marketing manager for Buick. She began her career in Dubai, in the Middle East, before moving to Canada, where she worked in many of the company’s divisions, including Cadillac.

“I was part of the group that worked on the transition of the Cadillac brand, so I’m very excited to now be part of the Buick team and more importantly, to play a role in this ongoing transformation,” says Amin. “At Buick, we are undertaking a metamorphosis based on the promise of an electric future.” By the end of the decade, the division intends to electrify its entire North American offering. Next-gen EVs will carry the Electra name, which is inspired by the brand’s history, with an alphanumeric designation to specify the vehicle type.

New design language

In addition to adopting an innovative identity, Buick is modernizing its three-shield emblem to better reflect GM’s vision of “an all-electric, congestion-free, collision-free future,” she says. “The new design language allows for a dynamic, elegant and futuristic appearance.” The Wildcat styling study is a good example of where the division wants to go with design and technologies. The sleek silhouette, forward sloping nose, LED lighting technology and flowing lights that communicate movement are all elements borrowed from the concept car that will be used on upcoming production vehicles.

The interior will feature a balance of comfort and modernity where “the virtual cockpit system will give the driver a new level of control.” However, Amin could not confirm whether some of the Wildcat’s interior details, such as the floating console and seats, or the use of acrylic, would eventually make their way into the Electra lineup. “But what I can tell you is that you will clearly see the spirit of the Wildcat throughout our production vehicles.”

Growth and expansion

When asked about the stakes that await Buick in the coming years, Amin believes there are more opportunities to grow and expand than challenges. “We want to attract younger buyers, in addition to transferring and communicating our new image to our customers in order to create an exceptional brand experience.”

In conclusion, Amin says that within the organization, “the opportunities for us as women are endless. Many of the leaders and team members who have worked on the design of our vehicles are women.” She cites Mary Barra, who has been at the helm of GM since 2013, but also Sharon Gauci, executive director of Buick and GMC’s design department, who helped develop Buick’s future design language.

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