By Anne Bourgoin


Rosenbauer has just introduced the RTX, which can be used as a pumper truck, a wildland fire support vehicle or a connected command post. It’s the first-ever production electric vehicle for firefighting. The absence of a drive shaft allows for better weight distribution and a reduced centre of gravity. It has a charging capacity of up to 150 kW, so it can be recharged quickly. A small turbo diesel engine powers a large generator, allowing it to extend its electric range. An adjustable air suspension allows the truck to be lowered or raised and all four wheels are directional. It also has two electric motors and two batteries that sum to 132 kWh.


“Every square inch has been rethought. Safety, handling, agility, power. […] The mission was to ensure the sustainability of people, property and the planet. The result is the ultimate firefighting machine,” Rosenbauer points out on its website. The Los Angeles Fire Department tested it and out of 912 hours of operation, the generator only ran for 16 hours.

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