By Éric Descarries

According to Automotive News, people who attended a General Motors event at the manufacturer’s EV design studio in Warren, Michigan, the giant American automaker would be considering entering the mini-pickup market with an electric vehicle smaller than the Ford Maverick or the Hyundai Santa Cruz. Actually, this important manufacturer would be looking at a two-door pickup with some 4 to 4.5-foot-long bed and low roofline. The light truck could very well be part of GM’s lineup of affordable EVs priced less than $30,000. Still, according to Automotive News, the small pickup would have to be futuristic and sporty, though some observers found some similarity with the concept images of such a small pickup that showed consumers using it for recreational activities with the actual Mexico-only S-10 mini-pickup. By the way, GM did not provide a name, brand, image or production calendar for the mini truck.

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