Mazda has just announced its revised electrification strategy and during a 30-minute video presentation, we can see (towards the end) what seems to be the future generation of the mythical Mazda MX-5. Indeed, the two photos provided by the automaker are labelled Vision Study Model, which shows that the project may not be as advanced as we thought, a disappointment for those who believed that the next MX-5 would be unveiled soon.

Other clues that suggest a fifth generation of the best-selling roadster in automotive history are the abundance of previous generations of the soft-top sports car in the final minutes of the half and hour short. But then again, the mere fact that the strange coupe is called the Vision Study Model may also mean that it’s just an idea at this point. Mazda has unveiled prototypes with the Vision moniker in the past and they never materialized.

In addition, by 2025, Mazda will introduce a total of eight new hybrid (HEV), plug-in hybrid (PHEV) and battery electric (BEV) models in Canada, in addition to the MX-30 BEV, currently on sale in Quebec and British Columbia. These new models will include the CX-50 hybrid, the CX-70 and CX-90 PHEVs, four new hybrid models and a new battery electric SUV to be launched in 2025. As for the MX-30 BEV, it will go on sale nationally next year and two major crossovers will also offer mild hybrid powertrains (MHEVs) for increased efficiency and improved emissions reduction.

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