According to a General Motors document, the American carmaker and battery manufacturer Microvast will be working together to develop a specialized electric vehicle battery separator technology. Obviously, that would involve the building of a new separator plant in the U.S. This project will be supported by a substantial grant from the U.S. Department of Energy’s Battery Materials Processing and Battery Manufacturing initiative.

What are separators? They are safety-critical EV battery components that isolate the anode from the cathode, allowing for ion transfer. GM will collaborate with Microvast with its separator and coating technology. Both companies will work together in order to help improve EV safety, charging and battery life. This advanced technology should enhance thermal stability of EV batteries and work with nearly all types of lithium-ion cells, including graphite, silicon, lithium-metal anodes and nickel-rich, cobalt-free, lithium iron phosphate-type and high-voltage cathodes.

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