Awaiting its worldwide launch at CES in Las Vegas in January 2023, Project Arrow will be partially unveiled to the public on October 19 in Windsor at the APMA (Automotive Parts Manufacturers Association) annual conference. While the prototype is on schedule, the vehicle is not fully completed. Until now, only photos of parts of the vehicle, including a quarter panel and 3D printed polymer chassis, had been shared across social media by the association’s president and members.


“We think there’s a lot of interest in seeing its progress. And we also want to show that it is what we said it was,” Flavio Volpe, APMA president told Automotive News Canada. “It’s not a clay model or a science experiment. It’s really put together without shortcuts.”


With this initiative, APMA wishes to showcase the capabilities of Canadian parts suppliers and expertise in the automotive sector. As part of its world tour, Project Arrow will be presented at the Montreal International Auto Show.

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