New battery technology for Mercedes

German automaker Mercedes-Benz has just announced it was taking another major step in building the world’s most desirable electric cars. Indeed, the manufacturer who insists on being called the inventor of the automobile unveiled that it would be working work with Sila, a next-generation battery materials company, to incorporate Sila’s silicon anode chemistry in batteries which will be optionally available for the first time in the upcoming electric Mercedes-Benz G-Class. This will add another innovative cell chemistry to the Mercedes-Benz battery portfolio.


This innovative high-silicon anode material will increase the energy density of batteries without compromising safety or other performance parameters. Compared to today’s commercially available cells with a comparable format, Sila’s technology enables a 20-40% increase in energy density reaching more than 800 Wh/l at cell levels. This major development enables Mercedes-Benz to store much more energy in the same space, thus increasing the range of its future vehicles by a significant amount.

(Source : Mercedes-Benz)

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