Boivin EVolution introduces a 100% electric refuse truck

Quebec-based Boivin EVolution company, an automated dumpster builder specialist, has recently teamed up with legendary Mack Truck to come up with a 100 % electric garbage collection. It’s even more since all the functions of the vehicle are fully electric as everything is battery powered according to the Lévis, Québec, based company.

Boivin EVolution has also specified that the electrification of the waste collection truck reduces energy costs by 80%. What’s more, maintenance costs are also cut by 60% while some 85 tons of greenhouse gases (GHG) per truck are annually eliminated.

Boivin EVolution’s president Claude Boivin added that «The LRe electric chassis manufactured by Mack Truck and the Boivin EVolution (BEV) tipper are an important step for BEV, not only in the field of waste collection, but also from an environmental point of view».

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