A national poll commissioned by the Zero Emission Transportation Association (ZETA) shows that a large majority of U.S. voters who own or lease a car support policies that would accelerate the adoption rate of electric vehicles (EVs). Tax credits to buy them (79%), electrification of public fleets, battery research and development, and 69% of respondents encourage the deployment of charging infrastructure. Seventy-one percent of U.S. consumers are currently considering an EV for their next purchase, and nearly 60% believe the growing adoption of this mode of transportation will have a positive impact on jobs and the economy. Last week, a ZETA report also corroborated a Consumer Reports analysis that showed the adoption of zero-emission vehicles could save drivers up to US$2,600 annually in operating and maintenance costs. The report concluded that EVs are three to five times less expensive to drive per kilometre than gasoline-powered vehicles.

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