Vinfast has just announced the price of its vehicles for the Canadian market. The V8 and V9 SUVs will be the first two electric vehicles from the Vietnamese manufacturer to arrive in Canada. Pricing for the V8, a compact SUV, starts at $51,250 for the entry-level Eco version, while the V8, a three-row mid-size SUV, will start at $69,750. As of March 7, a reservation is available with a fully refundable deposit of $250. To stimulate potential buyers, Vinfast is offering a number of incentives to early adopters who reserve before April 5, including e-vouchers ($3,500 for the V8 and $6,000 for the V9) that can be redeemed with the purchase of the vehicle. The SUVs are powered by two electric motors with a combined output of 402 horsepower and a maximum torque of 472 lb-ft. WLTP range claims are 504 km for the V8 and 550 km for the V9, but these figures may be revised downward for our market. No delivery date has yet been announced by the manufacturer.

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