Dare Forward 2030: Stellantis’ Strategic Plan for Forward-Looking Freedom

Stellantis N.V. today unveiled Dare Forward 2030, its bold Strategic Plan for the next decade that will enable Stellantis employees to be the best at creating value for all stakeholders. Stellantis is committed to becoming the industry champion in the fight against climate change, achieving zero carbon emissions by 2038.


Here is the first key element of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan


Diversity, operational excellence, a set of iconic brands and a relevant product portfolio are the unparalleled strategic differentiators that drive Stellantis forward.

– A community of 170 nationalities in six regions
– Achieve 100% of the €5 billion annual synergy target by the end of 2024
– Maintain a break-even point below 50% of consolidated billings
– 5 million BEVs sold worldwide, with a mix of 100% electric passenger vehicles sold in Europe and 50% passenger vehicles and pickups in the US
– Industry leader with more than 75 BEVs available, including the first-ever 100% electric Jeep® branded SUV to be released in early 2023, followed by the Ram ProMaster BEV during 2023 and the Ram BEV pickup in 2024
– U.S.-specific production offensive with more than 25 new BEVs
– Increase new vehicle sales fourfold in premium and luxury segments

The next four items will be brought to you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned!

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