Wireless EV-charging road in Detroit?

We recently learned that the first wireless EV-charging road system in North America could very well be built close to the Michigan Central Station in Detroit by an Israeli startup, Electreon. A 1.6 km long stretch of public road will be designed to wirelessly charge EVs by electromagnetic induction while the vehicles are stationary or in motion. It should be completed by 2023, according to a recent statement from the state of Michigan.

Electreon will work with NextEnergy and Jacobs Engineering Group on the project. It will also be supported by Ford Motor Co., DTE Energy Co. and the city of Detroit. The road will be located within Ford’s Michigan Central mobility innovation district. It will also fit into MDOT’s plan for a new 65-kilometre «connected corridor» from Detroit to Ann Arbor.

(Photo Electreon)

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