Lotus teases its Type 135 EV

British specialty automaker Lotus Cars and battery supplier Britishvolt just announced they were planning to co-develop “a new battery cell package” for Lotus’ future electric sports car (Type 135 but could wind up with a more appropriate name following the manufacturer’s tradition of naming all its vehicles beginning with an E).

According to a Lotus announcement, the new battery package (not yet clear it would be referred as a cell-to-pack strategy or some other technology) is going to feature fast-charging, optimization of energy density and weight reduction.

Lotus announcement included a sketch of its electric sports car that should debut in 2026.The collaboration follows a 100-million-pound ($ 171.5 million CAD) investment in facilities and manufacturing. The battery supplier is looking to have a capacity of 30 GWh by the end of the decade as Lotus plans to offer only fully electric models by 2028. Remember that Lotus is now part of the fast-growing Geely family of vehicles (including Polestar and Volvo) and it has three more EVs on the way starting with the Evija supercar coming soon.

(Photo Lotus)

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