The new Toyota Prius Prime PHEV’s exciting features

Toyota has recently released its new 2022 Prius Prime suggesting a 1030 km driving range, including an estimated 40 km of EV driving range when fully charged. When using its hybrid mode, the Prius Prime LE should give an estimated  4.4 l./100 km city and 4.4 highway. The same car has been known to reach 135 kmh on battery alone and that up to close to 40 km.! The car can help optimize range by memorizing a driver’s stopping patterns and suggesting when to let off the accelerator. Like many other Toyota hybrids, the Prius Prime uses a planetary-type continuously variable transmission.

Another interesting feature with the new Prius Prime, when using the supplied cable connected into a standard 120 volt household outlet (Toyota recommends using a dedicated GFI 15A outlet), fully recharging the battery takes less than five-and-a-half hours. A 240v source should reduce that time to approximately two hours.

(Photo Toyota)

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