Toyota unveils its 2030 electric lineup including all Lexus

Toyota just announced it would be committing 8 trillion yen (70 billion USD, almost 90 billion CAD) to electrify its lineup of vehicles by 2030, half of it to develop a battery electric vehicle lineup. Yet, the world’s biggest automaker, which has only lately embraced the electric solution, estimated its annual sales of full-electric cars to be only 3.5 million vehicles by the end of the decade. That would represent almost third of its current vehicle sales.

During a recent news briefing in Tokyo and surrounded by more than a dozen concept full-electric models, Toyota CEO Akio Toyoda confirmed his company was still looking at a multi-pronged, carbon-reduction strategy including hybrid cars and hydrogen-powered vehicles. The automaker plans to unveil a full lineup of 30 all-electric cars by 2030 which is more than the 15 models Toyota earlier announced as available by 2025. It also announced that all the Lexus products will be EVs. 

(Photo Toyota) 

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