Nissan to invest some 23B CAD for electrification push

With its Nissan Ambition 2030 project, Japanese automotive giant Nissan just announced it would invest some 2 trillion yens (approximately 23 billion CAD) in the next five years to accelerate an electrified vehicle program including 23 new entries worldwide by the end of the decade. That will also include the development of solid-state batteries. During a presentation of the plan, three fresh concept vehicles were unveiled to preview the next generation of Nissan’s electrification lineup. They included a compact all-electric pickup truck called the Surf-Out that represented an outdoors type activity vehicle, a sporty open-top car called the Max-Out and a modern utility vehicle called the Hang-Out. All three are expected to run on upcoming solid-state batteries. Nissan is looking at a global electrification mix of 50 percent across the Nissan and Infiniti brands by 2031. Included in the plan are 23 new electrified vehicles, including 15 new EVs. 

(Photo Nissan) 

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