BMW begins testing hydrogen fuel cells

BMW just announced that it had started road testing vehicles powered by a hydrogen fuel cell drivetrain. The German-based manufacturer is already putting prototypes of the BMW i Hydrogen next model through tests to measure reliability, safety, and efficiency in everyday conditions on European roads. BMW hopes that hydrogen fuel cell technology might become another solution to EVs, hybrids and combustion engines, especially for customers who have no immediate access to EV charging equipment or even owners who must drive long distances. 

BMW is not the only automaker actually experimenting with the feasibility of hydrogen-powered vehicles. British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover unveiled earlier this month it too was working on a hydrogen-powered vehicle, in its case, a version of its most recent Defender SUV.

BMW says the hydrogen tank can be filled in under five minutes and has “a range of several hundred kilometres in all weather conditions.” The company is hopeful the tests will lead to the production of a small-series model sometime next year.


(photo BMW) 


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