It should be called the F-150 Lightning !

Do you remember the Ford F-150 Lightning? It was, back in 1993, an F-150 with regular cab and short bed powered by a powerful 5.8 litre V8 that produced a great engine noise thanks to its special exhaust system.

Well, according to the well-known American car magazine Car and Driver, the name Lightning should make a comeback but this time, it would be used to identify Ford’s all-electric version of its all-new F-150! The Lightning is scheduled to be released as a 2022 model somewhere towards the end of 2021. Car and Driver claimed to have gleaned information about the name from an official Ford document. Just last June, Ford used a prototype of its twin electric motored  F-150 to tow 10 double-decker train cars weighing a combined weight of one million pounds (around 450,000 kilos). 

Photo Ford

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