Mini slated to go all-electric by 2030

As we speak, Mini sells an all electric car in Canada, the Cooper SE. But we learned the brand should follow Ford of Europe, Bentley, Jaguar and Volvo in producing only battery-electric cars. Thus, Mini, a division of BMW, will go all-electric from 2030 as the automaker decides to produce only battery-powered vehicles, according to reliable sources. The legendary British brand should roll out its last combustion-engine variant in 2025 and then, it will only produce battery-electric vehicles from 2030. This decision by Mini to go all-electric should appeal to its customer base in urban areas where combustion-engine cars could be targeted for restrictions or even outright bans. BMW makes Minis at its Oxford plant in the UK as well as in the Netherlands and in Germany while it plans to produce Minis in China with joint-venture partner Great Wall starting 2023.

Photo Mini

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