Jaguar to build electric vehicles only except…

British automaker Jaguar has recently announced it would build only electric vehicles by 2025 which should be earlier than its sibling Land Rover is scheduled to do. As far as Jaguar is concerned, its new electric cars (that are announced with a totally new design) and some Land Rovers will use the automaker’s new platform EMA (Electric Modular Architecture) and they will all be built at its dedicated Bromwich Castle plant. Unfortunately, the replacement XJ top-of-the-line electric sedan that was previewed will have to be dropped since it was based on the MLA (Modular Longitudinal Architecture) that will be used, in its case, for some upcoming Land Rover electric vehicles. Since Bromwich Castle will produce a different platform and the Solihull plant (where Land Rovers are built) will have a limited MLA platform making capacity, the big sedan had to be sidelined. Yet, this car would have played in a very small and specialized market so the loss should not be significant. Nonetheless, Jaguar will still hold on the name XJ.

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