A new international logo for GM

General Motors has begun redefining its corporate image and marketing strategy to better align with its commitment to electrification.
Its new corporate marketing strategy will be concentrated on electric vehicles as the new GM logo will include a sky-blue hue.

The redesigned branding (also for the Canadian market) leads to GM’s goal of becoming the industry’s EV leader.
Last year, the big American car maker said it would invest $27 USD billion toward electric and autonomous vehicle development and launch 30 EVs through 2025.

Ultium batteries, developed by GM with LG Chem, will power the automaker’s next-generation of EVs, starting with the recently
unveiled (GMC) Hummer and (Cadillac) Lyriq. The batteries have a range of up to 725 kilometres and permit 0 to 96 km/h acceleration in three seconds on some specific models.

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