Kia survey finds majority of Canadians open to purchasing an EV

In an interview with Electric Autonomy Canada, Michael Kopke, Kia Canada’s director of marketing, explained how a company survey with poling executed by Angus Reid shows that consumer anxiety about EV range and public charging is due to unfamiliarity with the EV driving experience.

According to the survey, lack of consumer awareness continues to be one of the most significant barriers to electric vehicle adoption in Canada. The South Korean carmaker launched Plan S, a US$ 25-billion effort to bring 11 EVs to market globally by 2025 — no wonder that consumer education is a company priority.

The survey found that 51 per cent of Canadians intend to or consider purchasing an EV as their next vehicle. However, 82 percent of Canadians have never driven an EV, and 47 percent of those surveyed still would not consider an EV due to misconceptions aformentionned and high cost. Since Kia launched its program, Kopke thinks that «…as customers go into a showroom, they’re going to be able to find an EV… We have a significant increase in supply for 2021». 

Photo Kia Canada

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