A removable generator for the next electric F-150?

According to a recent report, Ford is working on a removable generator that could be mounted in the back of an electric pickup truck as a solution to temporarily increase the range of its electric vans. The Drive reported that it discovered that Ford had registered a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

About the same size and shape as a large toolbox, the generator could be offered in various versions that would occupy different volumes, which suggests it could be used in many applications. The patent application also suggests that the generator could also be used to power some electrical appliances independently of the vehicle’s power reserve.

The patent application does not specify the size of the internal combustion engine used to generate electricity, however Ford has announced that it plans to use an engine that can operate on many types of fuels.

Ford’s first electric F-150 is expected to launch in mid-2022. It is not yet known if this generator will be offered as an option to appeal to outdoor enthusiasts looking to reduce the risk of a power outage far from home.

Photo : Ford

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