Getting Back to School with Chevy at the Bolt EV Academy

Chevrolet invites Bolt EV owners to go back to school with the new Bolt EV Academy.

Launched on May 29, this online service provides a series of 15 videos to help educate current and future Bolt EV owners on the advantages of living electric and how to get the most out of their electric vehicle.

Available on the Internet this series explains several of the Bolt EV’s unique features, driving tips and how-tos.

Chevrolet’s Bolt EV Academy will help educate current and future Bolt EV owners about the advantages of living electric.

For future Bolt EV drivers, the series will illustrate just how fun, easy and convenient it is to live with an electric vehicle – all explained by the engineers and experts who brought the Bolt EV to life.

The video series includes topics such as
– Home charging basics;
– Road trip charging;
– One pedal driving and regen on demand;
– Driver display screens;
– Personalizing active safety features;
– Cold weather driving tips.

Videos can be found on many of Chevrolet’s channels including YouTube, and the MyChevyapp. Sadly for Canadians, all the content only comes from American websites…

Photos: General Motors

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