Polestar 2 at the Geneva International Motor Show

The Polestar 2 was presented at the Geneva International Motor Show as the company’s next natural step and the new standard-bearer for the direction that all Polestar cars must take to from now on: premium, avant-garde and all-electric.

The shape of the vehicle creates a lower drag coefficient, which improves aerodynamic performance. The side mirrors are frameless, maximizing the available field of view for the driver. Adaptive rear lighting, in which the 288 LED taillights shine more intensely with stronger braking, light differently depending on weather conditions, and provide a visual signal indicating in which way the car is going. Rear lights that extend the entire width of the car. These details don’t just give the Polestar 2 its unique look. They are also the intersecting points of form and function, establishing the Polestar 2 as a versatile, modern and progressive electric car.

This model could be a worthwhile competitor to the Tesla 3.

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