100% electric sidewalk sweeper on the streets of Montreal

A partnership with Exprolink-Madvac, a Longueuil-based company that manufactures and sells Madvac’s outdoor waste collection product line,and the City of Montreal, which already used vacuum carts (Madvac LR50), and with the assistance of the team of the Innovative Vehicle Institute produced an electric sidewalk broom.

Taking advantage of a $50,000 grant from the Ministry of Economy and Innovation’s Innovation Passport, this team produced an electric prototype with the same features as the diesel model used by the City of Montreal. In addition, the new vehicle has been designed to stand out from the competition and be attractive to customers.

Specifically, it had to have the autonomy allowing it to perform a regular shift without the need for recharging.

Second, the prototype had to emit less noise in and outside the operator’s cabin in order to reduce noise pollution.

Thirdly, it was essential that the recharge time be carried out overnight and that this action did not require the installation of special infrastructure in the various municipal workshops.

The MADVAC prototype meets all these criteria. Bravo to this team of innovators.

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