Long-Range Solar Electric Car to be Unveiled June 25th

A prototype of the Lightyear One, an all-electric long-range five-seat solar car, will be unveiled June 25th in Katwijk, the Netherlands. Lightyear is a Dutch start-up that has raised €15 million ($22.6 million CAD) for the project in the last two years.

The proof of concept car is expected to have a range from 400-800 km.  Its photovoltaic cells could provide electricity for up to 20,000 km annually. The powertrain consists of four in-wheel motors. The car is designed to “…solve two of the biggest drawbacks of electric cars: range and charging” the company said in a press release.

The Lightyear One is planned as a low-volume production expected to begin in 2020. The Signature (first 10) and Pioneer (first 100) editions both require a €119,000 ($180,000 CAD) deposit.

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