New Mercedes-Benz CEO Envisions a Green Future

Today Ola Källenius takes over as CEO of Daimer AG which includes the Mercedes-Benz brand. Källenius, currently the head of product development at Mercedes, expects a smooth transition. This includes implementing the Mercedes-Benz Vision 2039. The ambitious plan envisions half of the company’s car sales being electric or PHEVs by 2030. The strategy aims for a carbon-neutral passenger car fleet by 2039.

“Let’s be clear what this means for us: a fundamental transformation within less than three product cycles. That’s not much time when you consider that fossil fuels have dominated our business since the invention of the car by Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler some 130 years ago. But as a company founded by engineers, we believe technology can also help to engineer a better future.” Källenius recently remarked in a speech. Plans to electrify the company’s vans, trucks, and buses are being developed.

Källenius reiterated Daimler’s commitment to developing hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles including buses. They will continue to partner with BMW to develop autonomous driving and mobility services. Development of the Mercedes-AMG One hypercar was confirmed with delivery expected near the end of 2021.

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