Ford Software Aims to Optimize EV Charging

The key to wide-spread adoption of electric vehicles is convenient public charging infrastructure. This is especially true in densely-populated areas such as cities. Most charging will probably be done at home but drivers are hesitant to make the move to EVs without confidence in their ability to charge on their route.

In response to this problem, Ford says it has developed a new algorithm to help locate public chargers, including fast-chargers, which are convenient to locate and use without major detours. “In locating these additional charging points, we’ve attempted to take into account regular driving and stopping patterns so that topping up slots into drivers regular day-to-day activities,” stated John Scott, city data solutions project lead for Ford Mobility.

The program is based on two studies in London, UK. One study tracked Ford Transit vans over 15,000 combined vehicle-days of use. The second fleet trial followed 20 plug-in hybrid Transit Custom vans over 80,000 km to look at charging behaviours.

This data can help Ford optimize charging station placement. to make charging convenient which increases the efficiency and the popularity of EV fleets and private EVs.

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