New Electric Motor Could Eliminate Transmissions

Linear Labs, a Texas startup, claims it has a new motor technology that can generate twice the torque, three times the power, and 10 percent more range compared to existing EV motors. The motor, called the Hunstable Electric Turbine, has the same footprint and weight as a conventional electric motor.

The motor uses four rotors compared with one or two on regular motors. The current can alter the magnetic field inside the cylindrical stator to vary the ratio of torque to horsepower. “The more rotors you have interacting with the coils, the more power you have,” says CEO Brad Hunstable.

The motor has twice the torque of a standard electric motor and the ability to vary the output to favor higher rpm horsepower. This could eliminate the need for a gearbox in EVs, resulting in significant savings.

The technology is applicable to almost all electric motors from water pumps to cars to air conditioners. The company says its motor will go into commercial production in a scooter next year then make its way into cars in 2021.

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