Fisker Announces New Electric SUV to Compete with Tesla Model Y

Ten years ago, Fisker and Tesla were two electric vehicle startups with big hopes and it seemed that Fisker had a better chance of success.

The story certainly did not go that way, but it’s not over yet. Henrik Fisker’s new venture, Fisker Inc., has launched a teaser for his first product-a fully electric SUV- following on the heels of Tesla’s Model Y Electric SUV announcement.

In an unnamed vehicle announcement, Fisker notes that, in the new model, “a moving design, an emotion is combined with a technologically advanced intuitive user experience and a target range of nearly 300 miles [480 km].” Fisker says the model will cost less than 40,000 USD and plans to launch and deliver in Q3 of 2021. According to Fisker, the future SUV will be sculpted dramatically and will have an “elegant and futuristic muscular look”.

Fisker is “in the process of finalizing the selection of a facility located in the United States to produce the 100% electric SUV”. Tesla is also searching for a production facility for the Y model, another point of contest.

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