By Piero Facchin

Nissan is considering future investments in Canada to build an internal supply chain for electric vehicles. In fact, the company wants to be more autonomous and reduce the distances between its factories and its component suppliers.

Problems with supply chains over the past year or so have made automakers realize the importance of building infrastructures to become more independent.

There are also geographic considerations. The closer you are to what you need, the easier it is to maintain control of your operations.

At the Automotive News Canada 2023 conference held in Toronto as part of this year’s Auto Show, Jeremie Papin, Nissan’s president of the Americas, said the company is looking to invest in its electric vehicle supply chain in Canada.

“Canada is the fifth-largest market for Nissan and we are fully committed to the country,” Papin said during his speech in Toronto. “We have many options if we are looking to regionalize the supply chain and Canada is a good place to assemble batteries and also for supply materials.”

He also mentioned this in light of geographic considerations. “We’ve done a better job of duplicating our materials supply which is now closer to where we produce, which translates into a more stable supply chain.”

Nissan currently offers the Ariya and LEAF, but several other electric vehicles are on the way.

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