Shell Starship’s coast-to-coast drive in May

Next May, Shell Lubricants will launch Starship 2.0 to demonstrate how Class 8 truck sector energy usage can be reduced. Following on the steps of the first Starship truck that was used for a similar experiment in 2018, Shell Starship 2.0 is a totally new vehicle, with a new chassis and drivetrain, including new safety and fuel-efficient upgrades. Shell expects the truck to carry an 18 140 kilo payload which is more than the 13 695 kilos of the 2018 experiment. Yet, at that time, the truck attained 75,8 ton-kilometers per litre for Freight Ton Efficiency – close to a 248 percent improvement over the North America average Freight Ton Efficiency of 30.6 ton-kilometers per litre for trucks. 

The first Shell Starship achieved 26.3 l./100 km. on its 2018 run, a significant increase versus the U.S. Class 8 average of 39.2 l./100 km. The Shell team is looking to improve that figure as well with the new Starship 2.0 which coast-to-coast drive will begin in San Diego and end in Jacksonville. 

Photo Shell

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