Hybrid or electric, which should be more popular?

An important way to measure car sales is to calculate the average time a specific model stays on the dealer lots. According to American publication Green Car Reports, it seems that the small SUV RAV4 Prime, a hybrid from Toyota, is standing out in that area. Green Car Reports that, according to iSeeCars analysis, the RAV4 Prime was the quickest-selling new car in March in the U.S., second only to the Chevrolet Corvette even if the RAV4 Prime has only been available in limited quantities so far. Ford has reported that its fully electric Mach-E is moving quickly off dealer lots but it has yet to make the list of the 20 fastest selling vehicles. The arrival of the all-electric Volkswagen ID.4 doesn’t seem to have slowed the pace  for the RAV4 Prime, either. Still, VW has said the ID.4 should target mass-market crossovers like the RAV4  rather than Tesla or other EVs.

Photo Toyota

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