Propulsion Quebec releases new study on innovation and intelligent transport in Quebec

Propulsion Québec recently unveiled a new study on the state of innovation in Quebec and a look at electric and intelligent transportation (EIT) conducted with the Chamber of Commerce of Metropolitan Montreal.

According to Propulsion Québec, the purpose of the study is to initiate a reflection on the strategic role of public procurement in economic development and in strengthening innovation in Québec, with a particular focus on the electric and intelligent transportation sector.

The themes addressed in the study include:

  • promotion of innovation;
  • the development of companies of all sizes and the commercialization of their goods and services;
  • the generation of local economic spin-offs;
  • achieving sustainable development objectives.

It also proposes best practices and ten recommendations based on the three strategic focuses of the study, which are:

  1. Clear political will and operational public policies;
  2. A legal framework adapted to the objectives of promoting innovation, the development of Quebec companies of all sizes, sustainable development and the generation of local economic spin-offs;
  3. Strengthened organizational culture, systematic evaluation of public contracts and encouraged collaboration.

“In Québec, we must focus on our local companies and high-potential industrial sectors such as our electric and intelligent transportation industry,” said Sarah Houde, President and CEO of Propulsion Québec. “The current economic situation represents a real opportunity to implement new strategies in the fight against climate change, while improving the quality of life of millions of Quebecers by facilitating mobility.”

Photo: Propulsion Québec

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