Inauguration of a new training center and an all-new EV Skills program

On September 3, the CPA des Cantons-de-l’Est inaugurated its new training centre in Sherbrooke, QC, in the presence of Jean Boulet – Quebec Minister of Labour, Social Solidarity and Employment, and François Bonnardel – Quebec’s Minister of Transport. By the end of 2020, nearly $500,000 will have been invested in the construction of the centre and the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment.

According to Marco Labrie, Executive Director of the CPA des Cantons-de-l’Est, this is a path to the future in a context where automotive technology is constantly evolving.

“Whether it’s new technologies related to hybrid and electric vehicles or increasingly widespread driver assistance systems, the automotive industry is one of the fastest growing industries in terms of technological evolution. As a result, the automotive technician trade requires ongoing training to keep up with the latest innovations and, most importantly, to ensure public safety during repairs,” said Labrie.

During the inauguration, the Conseil provincial des comités paritaires de l’industrie des services automobiles (CPCPA) also launched its all-new EV Skills Program (Compétences VE), a training program for workers in the maintenance and repair of hybrid/electric vehicles.

“The EV Skills Program is a first in Canada,” explained Charles Gagnon, Executive Director of the CPCPA. “This initiative, funded by Emploi-Québec and initially generated by CAA Québec, the École des métiers des équipements motorisés de Montréal and the CPAs – as well as all the program’s partners – will help to develop the skills of Québec auto mechanics in order to meet the challenges of the electrification of transportation.” He added that Mr. Yves Racette of the EMEMM will assume responsibility for the EV Skills Program at the provincial level.

By setting up this state-of-the-art training centre and partnering with the EV Skills Program to certify workers in the automotive industry, the CPA des Cantons-de-l’Est is investing in the training of automotive technicians. For more information about the EV Skills Program, including how to apply and important dates, visit :

Photos: Jocelyn Riendeau





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