Karma Develops a Supercar-Capable E-Flex Platform

Following the announcement of Karma Automotive’s all-electric high-performance E-Flex platform with supercar-capable architecture last month, Karma engineers have now begun testing the platform in an all-wheel drive (AWD) performance electric prototype.

Equipped with Karma’s racing-inspired E-Flex platform suitable for both road and track day applications, the AWD performance prototype aims to achieve 1,100 hp. A combination of attributes including 10,500 lb-ft wheel torque, electronic torque vectoring and front and rear mounted dual electric motors will generate superior power and handling for the test vehicle.

Front and rear dual electric motors and a flat floor 120 kWh battery provide the prototype with optimal near 50/50 weight distribution and an electric range of 640 kilometres. The AWD performance prototype’s electric motors already have over a million miles of testing in Karma’s current product, the luxury electric 2020 Revero GT sports sedan.

Dynamic and static testing are part of Karma’s comprehensive validation process to ensure the car will meet customer and partner expectations and demands in global markets. Karma engineers recently conducted dynamic testing at California’s exclusive Thermal Club race track, in the small community of Thermal located 40 km southeast of Palm Springs, California.

The Karma EV prototype (center) with four 2020 Revero GT on the Thermal Club race track.

“Physical prototype testing is an important landmark for Karma, and an exciting milestone for all involved,” commented Kevin Zhang, Chief Technology Officer, Karma Automotive. “We aim to make sure the platform is capable of achieving leading standards in the supercar sector and is superior in every sense.”

The prototype demonstrates Karma’s vision for future products, in addition to showcasing mobility solutions available to other OEMs, startups and automakers who wish to develop their own all-electric high-performance vehicles.

Karma’s platform can be applied to both track day and street car iterations, while providing the instant torque, handling and sustainability of an all-electric vehicle. It can be retrofitted to existing products and developed for new electric supercar applications; both for Karma and prospective partners.

The Southern California-based manufacturer also recently announced plans to build the Revero GTE, an all-electric, twin motor variation of its Revero GT, which will see its first results in spring 2021.

Photos: Karma

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