With Porsche Impact, Canadian Porsche drivers can protect BC’s Darkwoods Forest

Porsche Canada is now offering Porsche Impact, a carbon-offsetting program enabling Porsche owners to calculate their Porsche vehicles’ CO2 emissions and directly contribute the calculated amount towards the offset of sustainability projects that are offered through South Pole, a Zurich-based leading carbon reduction project developer offering global sustainability financing solutions and services.

Originally launched in 2018, Porsche Cars Canada is latest Porsche subsidiary to contribute to the global Porsche Impact program alongside the USA, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, China, Singapore, and Porsche Asia Pacific.

Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada.

“Our carbon footprint and the actions we take towards sustainability are more than just part of a corporate strategy,” said Marc Ouayoun, President and CEO of Porsche Cars Canada, “Porsche Impact allows us to connect our company focus on innovation with the intentions of our customers. Having the ability to contribute towards a Canadian project offers the opportunity to support the local conservation of forests in our own backyard.”

With Porsche Impact, the customer can input their annual mileage and fuel consumption into the online calculator to determine the CO2 generated as well as the level of financial contribution required – given in support of a climate-related project of their choice – to neutralize their own CO2 emissions. The Porsche driver can choose from four available projects: Darkwoods forest conservation in B.C., Canada, biodiversity in Zimbabwe, Africa, wind power in Hebei, China, or forest protection in Alaska, USA. All of these projects are active in regions where there is a particularly impactful contribution to the protection of the local environment, giving Porsche owners the opportunity to play a part in supporting and improving local communities.

« Sustainability is a central pillar of the Porsche strategy,» writes Porsche Canada Public Relations Manager Patrick Saint-Pierre in press release announcing this program. « Here we are aware of every aspect of our corporate responsibility: economic, environmental and social. One example is the production of the Taycan. We have made the entire factory in Zuffenhausen carbon-neutral. The new buildings are energy efficient, with power coming from regenerative sources. Heat in the plant is powered by biogas obtained from residual materials and waste products. In addition, Porsche considers the entire value creation chain: from suppliers, to product, to after sales and recycling. All of these measures are important steps towards our aim of becoming a zero-impact company. »

Globally combined, all Porsche subsidiaries as well as customers, have offset the equivalent of more than 46,000 tonnes of CO2 as of April 2020. Porsche Cars Canada has contributed the equivalent offset of more than 524 tonnes of CO2 emissions towards the local Canadian Darkwoods Project in British Columbia and will continue to offset the emissions from the internal corporate fleet.

Porsche Impact in Canada is available through the following link:

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