EVs fall below gas cars in quality, according to J.D. Power Initial Quality Study. On average, EVs reported 266 problems per 100 vehicles, compared to 180 for gas cars, while the industry average is 195. Premium brands had more issues, averaging 232 problems due to their complex tech features. Polestar reported 316 problems per 100 vehicles, while Tesla and Rivian both reported 266 problems. Tesla’s removal of conventional controls like turn signal and wiper stalks “has not been well received by the brand’s customers.” In general, owners are disliking touchscreen functions embedded in vehicle systems.

Overall, EVs experienced 30 % more tech-related issues than gasoline models. These findings echo past studies, with J.D. Power’s 2025 Vehicle Dependability Study also showing that EVs and plug-in hybrids are more trouble-prone than hybrids.

Despite advancements, EVs continue to face challenges in initial quality and reliability compared to traditional vehicles.



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