By Éric Descarries

American automaker Ford is out to prove that its popular electric pickup, the F-150 Lightning, can have many personalities by enrolling a modified version of the vehicle in the legendary Pikes Peak hill-climb race in Colorado on June 23.

Called “SuperTruck”, the vehicle was built by Austrian rally and competition specialists STRAD. It is equipped with three specially modified electric motors developing some 1,400 hp, and powered by ultra-high-performance lithium-polymer NMC batteries. The pickup will be driven by Romain Dumais, who holds the event record since 2018 with a Volkswagen ID. R. It will be recognizable by its multiple spoilers, air intakes, side skirts, diffusers and, above all, its gigantic carbon-fibre rear spoiler. Together, these elements provide around 6,000 lb of downforce at some 240 km/h.

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