Leader in North America with thousands of users from coast to coast, AB Magique is the newest, most stable and most powerful software of its kind. In its 2024.003 version available June 10 for Canada, lies the most recent version of the Nexpart Catalogue, verified and approved! Thousands of North American workshops (Bumper to Bumper, UniPro, ASX, VIP STOP, Auto Mecano, Certified Auto Repair, and OCTO, to name a few) will be able to order with this new platform which allows among other things:


  • to select multiple points of sale for the purchase of parts
  • to enjoy a colour system that allows to quickly distinguish whether the part has been ordered or not as well as its origin
  • the possibility of creating a single order for all the stores chosen on an estimate
  • the impossibility of placing a duplicate order!
  • access to both “virtual” warehouse and inventory
  • obtain the recommended labour time for jobs


These new features are available for free in AB Magique software version 2024.003, which can be downloaded from WWW.VLCOM.COM or by calling 1-800-268-4044 #108 for a free trial version.


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